What is The Survivalist Prepper Blog all about?

Here is a quick look. The Survivalist Prepper Blog is all about practical, sensible

survivalism and prepping knowledge and useful information that you can use right away.

It concentrates primarily on survival and prepping in a modern urban environment.

However, we will also look at wilderness survival/prepping because you will need to know this too.

It will be most useful for a typical family unit concerned with the safety and well-being of all of its members.

The development of a spirit of self-reliance and a desire for sustainable living is encouraged.

There will be regular articles of information, opinion, and commentary

on a wide range of prepping and survival topics, which hopefully you will find interesting and useful.

When it comes to the variety of subjects covered here the most important thing

is to learn common sense ideas to use in challenging situations.

Thank you for visiting the site, and please drop in as often as you like!

All the best,

The team at TheSurvivalistPrepper.com